An Introduction to Freedom Coaching

Welcome Freedom Seekers!

Hi, my name is Colin Moynihan and I am a Freedom Coach.  I help people to design their independence.  Many of us have cages of belief that hold us back from going after what we really want in life.  Whether it’s beliefs about how smart we are or how capable we are or how worthy we are, we often have beliefs that stop us from really going for it.  Now, a big part of freedom is knowing what you want in life and figuring out how to go get it.  So I work with clients to create what we call a Business of Life plan and we begin to look at the client as the boss in their life, the expert in their life.  Through this lens they can take back control in their lives they can remove the cages that have been holding them back.  We focus on four pillars of freedom.  Freedom of money, freedom of body, freedom of mind, and spiritual freedom.  We focus on these pillars so we can design lives where we feel free.  Where we look forward to the days and the weeks and the months ahead.