Be a Four Leaf Clover

Describes the four aims of self mastery
The four leaf clover is one of my favorite symbols.  Perhaps it is related to my Irish heritage.  I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of luck.  Is Tom Brady lucky?  Michael Jordan?  Luis Pasteur famously said “chance favors the prepared mind” and Ansel Adam’s followed this motto as a philosophy when it came to nature photography.


My personal development business, Four Leaf Coaching and Training, got its name for multiple reasons, but at its core is the belief that we each have a hand in creating our own luck.  If we are the metaphorical Four Leaf Clover, there are four “leaves” of our life journey that we can nurture in order to stay in balance and thrive.  Mind, Body, Spirit, and MONEY.  If we can master there four key areas of our personal lives, we can thrive and enjoy lives that are fulfilling, abundant and enjoyable.  We can create our own luck.  



Often, when we see someone experiencing success in some aspect of life, we say “they’re so lucky”.
Sure, winning the lottery or some game of complete chance is lucky and this kind of luck is outside of our control.  There are aspects of good or bad luck that we can’t control.
There is also luck that is within our realm of control or influence.  Tom Brady’s self discipline is legendary.  I can’t imagine having that level of self control around what I eat or how I exercise.  But I’ve learned from his form of self leadership. Michael Jordan’s confidence and self-belief carried him to the top.  Their versions of luck included seriously hard work, commitment, risk-taking, self-belief and lots of help from others.  That’s the kind of luck we can all learn from because it is the kind that is within our control.
I believe that if we can master the four leaves of mind, body, spirit and money, we can blossom into a metaphorical four leaf clover.  We create our own luck and we emanate the characteristics of a “lucky” successful individual that others can learn from.
Below, I’ll describe the four leaves of self mastery as I see them:

Financial Mastery – To Live Abundantly

Financial Freedom is a goal that we spend most of our lives working toward. Four Leaf helps clients explore what Financial Freedom means to them and design exciting ways to create it.

Physical Mastery – To Be Autonomous

The ability to thrive while doing what you want, when you want. This is not selfish, this is honoring your “self“. Physical Freedom is primarily about your body and your environment.

Mental Mastery – To Be Sovereign, From the Inside Out

Change your thoughts, change your life. Slow down and become more aware. We have over 10,000 thoughts per day. Over 90% of thoughts are repetitive and 80% are negative. We can reprogram ourselves.

Spiritual Mastery – To Live Passionately

What lights you up inside? When are you most excited? If you have not asked yourself these questions lately, now is the time. We all have a spirit. Don’t be afraid to get to know it.