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Helping leaders & entrepreneurs develop the awareness and tools to be in control of all aspects of their life and work.

Private Coaching & Training

Executive & Life Coaching

Private coaching is for individuals or organizations. It is focused on self-awareness, leadership, strategy, transitions and/or entrepreneurship. I combine my business and finance background with core energy coaching to facilitate the exploration of new goals and possibilities.

Group Mastermind Coaching

Be The CEO of your life

Our entrepreneur-focused mastermind groups meet 1x per week for 8 weeks. We leverage Design Thinking concepts and Strategic Business Plans to help you own your role as the CEO of your business AND life. If you dedicate ``right focus``, you can design any outcome that you want.

Business of Life Plan

What is Your Life Strategy?

All individual or group coaching clients will walk away with their own Business of Life Plan. My unique approach to strategic planning for your life derives from business models that I repurposed for my own life. This is your plan for personal freedom. Freedom of money, mind, body and spirit.

The Four Leaf coaching process: Part coaching, part mentoring, part consulting, part teaching. To learn more, schedule a free 30-minute exploratory call.

Life is easier with a plan

As CEO of your own life, you need a good strategic plan.  A Business of Life Plan gives you a visual representation of your financial, physical, mental, and spiritual life goals, along with multiple paths to explore as you design your life.  This process will change how you make decisions in all areas of your life.  All coaching clients will walk away with their first Business of Life Plan.


Private Coaching - The future of peak performance

Top CEO's and leaders have learned the secret, you can too

True MAGIC happens when you stop DOING all the time and start BEING you.  Are you ready to honor yourself?  Are you ready to show up for yourself?  You will show up for others better when you show up for yourself first.  We can help you to Design Your Freedom and open the doors to a life of Joy.

Courses: Choose Your Path

We’re creating a curated community for leaders to create money & personal freedom.

Sharing curated information to help design our lives, build wealth, & create financial freedom.  We’re currently offering a multitude of courses including individual private coaching, 4 to 8 week courses and a Freedom Seekers financial network.  Click the link below for more info and to get started on your journey to financial freedom.

Good Things Come... However You Want Them To

You’re in charge. What do you want to do next?

Private Coaching

Individuals and Couples

Own Your Life

  • 9-week coaching engagements for individuals, couples or organizations
  • Develop self-awareness that will put you into the driver’s seat of your life
  • Includes ELI Assessment/Debrief at beginning of coaching engagement
  • All clients develop a Business of Life Plan as part of the coaching engagement
  • Focus on exploration of new goals and possibilities
  • Focus on uncovering the real you, hidden beneath social and cultural conditioning
  • View yourself as the CEO of your Life.

Group Coaching

Mastermind Groups

Be the CEO of Your Life

  • 8 week group mastermind coaching engagement
  • Groups of 6-8 like-minded leaders, entrepreneurs, or aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Includes ELI Assessment/Debrief at beginning of engagement
  • All clients develop a Business of Life Plan as part of process
  • Focus on exploration of new life/career goals and possibilities
  • View Yourself as the CEO of your life
  • Create multiple revenue streams
  • Design your path to personal freedom

Business of Life Plan

Easy 2-Week Design Process

Your Strategy for the Game of Life

  • Develop your Business of Life Plan as part of coaching engagement or as a stand alone experience.
  • Design your first Business of Life Plan in less than two weeks!
  • Guided 3-step design process from start to finish
  • Includes ELI Assessment and Debrief
  • Step 1: 2 hours. 1-hour “life data & assessment” online process, 1-hour coaching call to review data
  • Step 2: Coach uses data and discussion notes to create 1st draft of Business of Life Plan
  • Step 3: Receive customized Business of Life Plan plus video summary.

Our approach to a successful partnership with a client

We are all on this journey together. Our mission is to be a light and to help others to become a light. Our collective mission is to uplift the consciousness of the world and you are a key part of that mission.


Confidential Approach

The data of your life is private and we place confidentiality as a top priority. Depending on the type of engagement, coaches will sign NDA or other agreements that make client feel comfortable discussing personal details.


Experienced Coaches

Our coaches are certified coaches and experienced, successful professionals. They are also your journey mates and have been through the entire coaching process as clients including ELI Assessment and developing their own Business of Life Plan.


The Bottom Line(s)

Just as a business has a bottom line financially, you have multiple bottom lines. You have a bottom line for Financial Freedom, Physical Freedom, Mental Freedom, and Spiritual Freedom. Define what these mean to you and spend your days in pursuit.