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About me


I am an entrepreneur, business strategist, and executive coach certified by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP).


I previously worked as President & CFO of a $40M retail & e-commerce division of the public company, Camping World Holdings.  Prior to that, I co-owned and operated (as COO & CFO) a retail chain in the outdoor industry named Uncle Dan’s Outfitters.  We sold Uncle Dan’s to Camping World in 2017 and I stayed with the company where I led the acquisition of two other outdoor retail chains and we created the Specialty Outdoor Retail Division of Camping World.  In 2019, while I was part of an executive coaching program named Vistage, I realized that I wanted to be a coach and decided to step away from my career to pursue coaching full-time.


I currently live in the suburbs of Chicago and am married to my college sweetheart, with whom I share four beautiful children and a Boston Terrier.


Why I love Coaching


I coach because it lights me up inside to connect with others in a meaningful and authentic way.  As a coach, I combine my analytical, visionary, and empathic abilities to help leaders harness their energy and become more satisfied in all areas of life.  I am certified as an executive and life coach with specialties in leadership and transitions.  In this capacity, I work with individuals, groups and organizations through a process called Core Energy coaching to facilitate the exploration of new goals and possibilities.  Ultimately, I enable clients to access an entirely new realm of possible results by becoming more aware of their inner worlds (driving motivations and self-limiting factors) because this is where true change occurs.


In my life and work, I see too many people suffering from unbalanced and/or less-than-fulfilling lives.  I think that our systems tend to promote messages of fear and scarcity and this leads to us doubting ourselves and living with limiting beliefs that aren’t actually true.  Millions of bright, capable leaders have limited beliefs about what they are deserving of or capable of and I want to help others to shift their beliefs and discover new realities that they didn’t think were possible.


After years of personal development work, I passionately believe that possibilities in life are abundant…. if we learn to pause and recognize them.  The coaching process helps to “ground” our dreams or visions through frameworks, self-analysis, and continued learning about mindset and the mind/body connection.


Who I coach?  My clients are typically very motivated and self-driven.  They are successful in many areas of life but lack balance or fulfillment in certain areas.  I guide these clients to find awareness and choice as they move forward, especially around self-leadership, strategic thinking and money mindset, as important pieces of the self-mastery puzzle.


Personal Background

I grew up in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, went to Boston College near Boston, MA, and spent my early adult years hopping around between Chicago, San Diego, and Boston, before settling down in the Chicago area to raise a family in 2010.  The decade of 2010-2020 was a whirlwind.  My wife and I welcomed four children into the world, I helped to build a few businesses and I developed my leadership abilities, before becoming a coach.

I love to travel, ski, hike, read, learn, or do anything with my family and friends.  I have travelled to 44 of the states in the United States and I bought a RV recently so I plan to see the rest of the states in the next couple of years.  I have a rental property in Truckee, CA which was a lifelong dream and also serves as the first property owned by my real estate business, Bluebird Capital.


Work Background:

I graduated from The Carroll School of Management Honors Program at Boston College with a BS in Finance and a BS in Marketing.  I spent the early part of my career as a financial analyst for a variety of organizations, including my own consulting business and a publicly traded cannabis company, before landing in the outdoor industry full-time as COO, CFO and co-owner of Uncle Dan’s Outfitters, an omni-channel retail business.

After we sold Uncle Dan’s to Camping World Holdings in 2017, I stayed on and served as President & CFO of the new Specialty Outdoor Retail division of Camping World, until leaving in 2019 to build a coaching business.  I quickly fell in love with the life-changing magic of the coaching process and have not looked back.


Harnessing the Data of Life

A core area of my coaching focus is around the collection and analysis of “life data”, which is the data around our personal lives, inside and out.  I believe firmly in Peter Drucker’s famous business mantra “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”  From this lens, I use my background in financial and strategic planning to look at our lives in unique ways that can enhance our personal development.  I think that we can view life just like a business and leverage business concepts and frameworks to manage life.

Data collection is quick and painless, I promise!  Clients take two quick assessments, the Energy Leadership Index Assessment™ and the Business of Life Assessment™ at the beginning of all coaching engagements and we use this information throughout the coaching process to help clients develop positive and lasting changes in their lives.