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What are traits of a successful Leadership and Business Strategy Coach?

There are many coaches that specialize in business or executive coaching, so what makes a good Leadership and Business Strategy Coach?

  1. They must have a wealth of relevant and appropriately high-level business qualifications, experience, skills.  There are many brilliant coaches, but far fewer with that business acumen and “boardroom credibility” who can quickly understand your business and bring added value through their own experience of developing and executing strategies across many businesses and industries.
  2. Beyond their business skills and experience, they must clearly also be a skilled and experienced coach.
  3. They must have the discipline to recognize their primary role is to coach, not consult. Their role is to bring awareness from the client through listening and reflection, then help the client develop their own strategy, not consult or otherwise give advice on what specifically the strategy should be.

A Business Strategy Coach, then, must have the combination of many years of relevant experience, humility and presence to coach rather than consult, ability to be a sounding board and reflect ideas to you and your team, all while bringing their own ideas to the table and drawing fully on their knowledge of successful coaching practices.


Executive Coaching

Our targeted executive coaching programs focus on the development areas your employees need most to maximize professional potential. Known for our fanatical dedication to client satisfaction, we offer customized, scalable solutions for every employment level and stage.


Four Leaf solutions help emerging leaders, middle managers, and executives identify and achieve professional goals that are both strategic and practical. With our one-on-one personalized coaching, they’ll acquire competencies, enhance decision-making skills, increase interpersonal effectiveness, change behavior, raise productivity, improve accountability, and achieve a higher level of performance.


Designed to support an organization’s leadership development strategies, we’ve customized our performance-driven coaching solutions to align with your overall business goals. As a result, after gathering 360 feedback from stakeholders, our coaches help leaders gain awareness, set goals, and create a development plan. Throughout the engagement, these leaders gain the skills and behaviors needed to maximize professional performance and organizational results.


Coaching aligned to organizational and performance goals.

Dedicated 1:1 coaching to support leadership development

Leaders gain competencies for optimal performance

Sustain organizational leadership effectiveness

The Leadership and Business Strategy Coaching Process

Phase 1


At the start, our executive coaches guide leaders to identify the coaching objectives they need to address during their coaching engagement. Based on targeted assessments, leaders gain awareness of strengths and development areas, and then create a development plan focused on measured goals and alignment with organizational objectives.

Phase 2


Next, our executive coaches engage leaders through regular one-on-one coaching sessions and experiential learning exercises. Throughout this phase, the coach supports the leader to be accountable to achieve (and sustain) identifiable goals. Midway through, the coach facilitates a three-way meeting with the leader and the organization to review progress and goal development.

Phase 3


Finally, leaders gain greater self- awareness, stronger critical thinking, improved communication skills, and enhanced competencies in order to boost productivity, performance, and organizational results. At the conclusion of the engagement, the coach reviews the overall progress and plans for continued development with the leader and organization.

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Executive Coaching Programs Overview

Leadership Performance Prepare executives and high potentials to enhance leadership behavior and sustain optimal performance 3,6,9 or 12 Months
Emerging Leaders Equip newly promoted leaders with skills to successfully transition from individual contributor to leader 3 or 6 Months
Leadership Development Support leaders at all levels to build self-awareness and acquire the competencies for optimal performance 3 Months
Leadership Assessment Set goals and development plan based on assessment of leadership effectiveness (e.g. 360 Feedback) 3 Sessions

Coaching Areas

Interpersonal relationships, listening skills, empathy

Influence, managing up, across, and down

Self awareness

Communication skills

Motivation and engagement, building effective teams

Mentoring, developing internal talent, succession

Delegation, empowerment

Leading during times of change

Working with uncertanty and ambiguity, decision skills

Transitioning from individual contributor to leader

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