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4 Key Habits to Thrive as CEO of Your Life

(Work Smarter not Harder)

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Are you showing up to your primary job regularly?  Are you sure?  What if I told you that some of your anxiety (around money, security, or fulfillment) hidden deep down is because your subconscious mind knows that you are playing hooky from your main job?  Did you know that your life is essentially a mini-business?  You have expenses, you have income to pay for those expenses (hopefully), you own things (a house or a sofa) and you owe things (a mortgage or credit card bill).  So, if your life is a business that means you are the boss.  If not you, then who?  You are the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your life and your success is likely going to depend on whether you are a proactive leader of this “business of life”, or a reactive manager.  Which do you want to be?

After working with dozens of businesses in some capacity over the last two decades, including working deeply in the story of the numbers (aka business and financial data), I believe that the difference between the 20% of businesses that succeed and the 80% that fail often comes down to a lack of strategic planning.  Many entrepreneurs have a great idea and a crystal clear vision of what they want to achieve, but then they get started and they run their business just like they run their life, as a reactive manager.  A reactive manager is always working “in the business” putting out fires and staying busy, but a proactive leader knows that the key to her success is to step back, gain perspective, and spend a lot of time working “on” the business.  In normal business, this means analyzing performance, asking where things are going great and where things need improvement.  It also means taking the time to create a plan to achieve your near term and longer term goals and a strategy to turn the plan into material reality.  The same process can apply to your role as the CEO of your life.

As the CEO of your life, you are in charge.  What do you want?  Have you ever asked yourself that?  What do you really want in 10-15-20 years?  How do you want to spend your days?  How much money will your desired lifestyle cost?  How will you support those lifestyle costs (ie: using savings, passive income, continue working and earning income actively?).

The four habits below will help you to stop working “in” your business of life and instead to step back and work “on” your business of life.  You are completely unique and your interests and desires are completely yours.  The only person who knows how it feels to be inside your body is you.  You will ultimately show up better for everyone in your life if you show up for yourself first!

  1. Find Time for Contemplation: This can be found through sitting meditation, walking meditation, hiking, enjoyable activities.  The reason this is so hard is because our ego mind (lower energy mind) is threatened by these activities.  If you are busy, busy, busy, your ego mind is engaged and in charge.  If you get still, you allow yourself to access higher energies inside yourself and that breaks the power of the ego and allows your calm, centered self to take control.  The best answers can be found in this space.
  2. Write AND Speak Your Goals, Dreams, and Thoughts: Our brains are meant for processing, not for storage.  Most of our best ideas disappear within seconds.  If you get into the habit of honoring your thoughts as your greatest assets, you will begin recording them and externalizing them.  This gives them a REAL energetic power and moves you toward creating your best life.
  3. Keep Growing and Learning – We are meant to grow, evolve and learn continuously.  We are NOT meant to stay the same.  Nothing is.  Follow your threads of curiosity and your world will never stop being exciting and interesting.  This is not how most people are currently living because society teaches that learning stops after schooling stops.  Not true!  Never stop growing.
  4. BE the Chief Executive of Your Life – OWN IT: This is a tough one to master, but everyone can do it.  This means showing up and learning the skills that are holding you back.  This means KNOW YOUR MONEY GOALS.  Money is the #1 cause of dissatisfaction and money is what we spend most of our lives pursuing.  There are a lot of ways to learn.  Read books, join money groups on facebook, get a coach, talk to friends.  To be a CEO of life you need a clear VISION, STRATEGY, and PATH for what you want out of life.  Lean on others and trust yourself that you can do it.

Now, stop playing hooky and get to work!!!